Hi, and welcome to http://www.talksportblog.com. I started this blog in order to have a forum where I could bring together two things that interest me deeply: sports and writing. I’m not sure of the order in which these two things took root, but it was vaguely around the same time: when I was a boy studying in school, and excelled in an English composition class around the same school year that I watched Manchester United perform the near-miracle of coming from behind at the death to beat Bayern Munch and seal their miraculous treble, and Pakistan play their way to the final of the 1999 Cricket World Cup in thrilling fashion.

Those were two of the events that grabbed my imagination and have stayed with me ever since – others included the intoxicating mix of the name Michael “Schumacher” (which always sounded appropriately fast to me) and the scarlet Ferrari, as well as the resplendent, tear-jerking fashion in which Pete Sampras fought his way through injury to claim that record fourteenth Grand Slam and then broke down to show the intensity of emotion that he had kept hidden beneath the surface all those years. Snooker also became a passing interest, and golf as well as Tiger Woods began inspiring me and countless kids all over the world.

I have never let go of those sports since, have found many more moments that will stay with me forever through them and hope to experience them in the future too. When my friend, tiring of my ceaseless discussion of yet another football match before, during and after it had ended, finally suggested that I “write more, talk less”, I set myself in gear and started this blog.

I hope you enjoy reading as much I enjoy discussing, and that you will also find reasons to comment and respond to my views and opinions. There’s nothing more gratifying than meeting a sports fan who shares that same sense of love for a game as you, and finding yourself falling back in love with the sport all over again after sharing opinions and anecdotes with them.

Happy reading!

Hamza Malik

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