Mancini pipes up again

“I don’t think we can play for the Champions League with this squad…We have to improve as players…if you don’t change a lot of players, you can’t hope to win like other teams.”

Is there not one Manchester City player who is as offended by Roberto Mancini’s most recent comments about them as I am? He professes his lack of faith that a team that won the Premier League can go far in the Champions League and urges his players to improve themselves, before declaring his wish “to change a lot of them” to continue winning.

With every plaintive comment expressing his dissatisfaction with those he coaches, Mancini reveals himself more and more as a myopic manager whose understanding of his profession excludes player nurturing and long-term development in favour of an almost childlike practice of buy, field, win. It would be interesting to see him cope at a club that did not have such a sizeable advantage to the rest of the field (City because of their riches, Inter because of Calciopoli), and where he would actually have to engage in coaching once again. In the meantime, it remains to be seen how City respond to his latest round of demands for players at a time when their expenditure has sent them on a head-on collision course with UEFA ahead of the onset of FFP rules in 2013-14.

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